Learn from an experienced digital strategist and online marketing professional who has worked in two of the toughest business sectors today, fashion and publishing.

MY Mission

I want you to succeed, not just in your business but in your life. It's so important to spend time doing what you love. What if your job was no longer a hindrance to finding this happiness but actually a major part of it? I believe that you should be passionate about your work and love what you do. That's why I want to teach you the skills you need to grow your business and work with you to make your dreams a reality.

skill sets I Offer

  • Brand strategy
  • Website project management
  • Website development and UX
  • Content strategy
  • SEO training and audits
  • Event marketing
  • Development and management of paid online campaigns - Google Adwords, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram Ads
  • Social Media training
  • Blogging strategy and techniques